• Programs and Services

    A new voluntary program for families who have received a Family Assessment Response from the Department of Children and Families. The Community Support for families program is designed to work with families in their homes and communities to identify resources and supports with the goal of reducing parental stress and increasing parental resiliency.

    Referrals are made by DCF only.

  • Through a grant from the CT Department of Children and Families, the SAFE Family Recovery program offers three programs to support parents and caregivers address substance use issues across the spectrum of recovery.

    SAFE Family Recovery helps identify client needs for substance use services, links them with providers, builds motivation to enter and remain in services, and supports a return to long-term family functioning that promotes child well-being.

  • The CT LBHS represents a regional collaborative of thirteen behavioral health organizations with a shared mission to expand and enhance the existing network of recovery-oriented and community-based services, and to ensure that behavioral healthcare is both accessible, and culturally and linguistically appropriate, for Latinos throughout south central Connecticut.

  • CommuniCare, in partnership with Yale University, Department of Psychiatry, through its Yale Behavioral Health (YBH, offers an after-hours crisis response program called the South Central Crisis Service.

    CommuniCare provides tobacco cessation counseling over eight weeks to participants interested in quitting smoking. The goal of our experienced facilitators is to guide participants along the path to becoming a nonsmoker. Includes education on the effects of tobacco, a personalized quit plan, tobacco cessation counseling, and developing a support system to achieve and maintain success.

  • Contact Information

  • CommuniCare Offices
    85 Willow Street, Building A, Suite 3
    New Haven, CT 06511
    p. (203) 553-7234
    f. (203) 553-7239

    John O’Rourke
    p. (203) 553-7234 ext. 2016

    Bettor Choice Outpatient Problem Gambling Treatment
    Debra Cannon, Program Manager
    p. (203) 553-7234 ext. 2017

    SAFE Family Recovery Program
    Simone Ketchum, Program Supervisor
    p. (203) 553-7234 ext. 2011

    Community Support for Families
    Glorimar Teixeira, Program Supervisor
    p. (203) 553-7234 ext. 2012

    Latino Behavioral Health Services
    Sarah Finke, Latino Coordinator
    p. (203) 483-2630 x1236

    South Central Crisis Services
    Jennifer Hagelston, Crisis Coordinator
    p. (860) 388-7855

    All referrals to programs should go through individual agencies, websites are listed below.

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  • Hours

  • Monday and Friday
    8:30 am to 5:00 pm

    Tuesday through Thursday
    8:30 am to 8:00 pm

    Crisis Services available after hours.